Angel is the name my closest friends give me...especially when they are trying to get their hands on one of my freshly baked desserts... 

Having studied Political Sciences and then Archaeology, no one would have bet that I would be working in the Humanitarian Aid field and then for an International Organization maintaining websites.  Although with a very eclectic background, all is a matter of passion whatever I do, whatever decision I take, like my passion for sweets and the new found passion of technology and building websites.

The passion with baking started at the age of 14, when during a family gathering it was noticed that the dessert was missing and I baked my first apple pie.  It has never stopped ever since. The passion stayed on...today, family, friends, colleagues are among the self-proclaimed "admirers" of my recipes and requests to bake for family gatherings or office celebrations flow regularly. 

Ironical really when one thinks that my very first cake baked at the age of 10 ended in the trash bin looking more like a piece of charcoal rather than a simple cake. 

The construction of this website is a natural evolution from my blog [Pythea's Blog] where my recipes found their first display and from my new found passion for technology and the mysterious world of website designing.  For that I have to thank those who gave me the opportunity at work to develop my knowledge as much as possible and that trusted me to manage on my own several professional websites.

I hope you will enjoy my recipes and if you would like to know more feel free to contact me.   My Guest Book is also available if you would like to make suggestions or leave comments on recipes you might have tried.

Keep checking the website for any new additions to the recipes!