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A "Funny Sweets" recipe was created today. The idea for the Rice Krispies-Marshmallow cookies recipe was discovered when looking for recipes for "no-bake" cookies with a friend. Being as much a sweet tooth as I am, he suggested "Rice Krispies Cookies"...after some looking a recipe similar but with marshmallows seem a tad more interesting and appealing. So the recipe has been tested and approved!  Enjoy!

A new recipe has been added to the section "Chocolate Sweets". "Chocolate Fondants" (Fondants de Chocolat) is a Swiss recipe and a favourite of my sister.  She used to do this recipe in Christmas time and we used to spend great fun moment making them.

This recipe was also my very first "contact" with the Swiss cuisine.  The Chocolate Fondants make a dlicious present when gifted in a nice box.

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